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Master Shark's ability extends pass martial art. He has been a stunts coach for Universal Studio's Batman show, a body builder coach, and fitness instructor.

Under the guidance of Master Shark, we here at XCCMMA want to take the sport of mixed martial art fighting to the next level. We have a dedicated team that's constantly training and fighting.

To get more information about training or our fighting events, email "Shark" at shark@xccmma.com or call us at


This site is the brain child of Shihan Rueben Instatia aka "Master Shark".


Master shark has been in Martial Arts for over 30 years and has attained Black belts in various styles. His first style was traditional Japanese Jujitsu and then migrated to Shotokan and Kyokushinkai. He was on Boxing Golden Gloves Team and then started practicing many other styles with friends he met through competitions, challenges and camaraderie. His later styles include Taekando, Hapkido and Kungfu. More in-depth styles and ranking are on his site, www.mastershark.com.